About Us

Lai agency is a full service marketing and media agency dealing with marketing strategy, digital marketing, design and Advertising. Our service fit for small, medium and large business that are looking for high growth, increased sales performance and improved brand visibility.

We are flexible, mobile professionals and experienced experts in marketing fields attaining our client’s expectations and building long standing impression in their market place. We have a proven record in working with SMEs, development partners, civil society organizations and corporate companies.

After carefully listening to our clients, we work together by identifying objectives that suit their products or services.


To provide innovative and effective integrated marketing and communication solution which help our clients grow their business and realize their market goals.


To be the center of all marketing solutions in Tanzania.

Core Values

We are marketing agency in Tanzania who  believe in delivering quality and professional services to meet company’s goals and objectives, employee’s satisfaction, client’s expectations and community development at large.

1. Youthfulness.

2. Innovation.

3. Integrity and Professionalism.

4. Global standard.

5. Teamwork.


Lai agency is a full service  marketing and media  agency dealing with  marketing strategy, digital  marketing, design and  Advertising…
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