Graphic Designing a Highly-Needed Skill for Digitalising ‘Words of Mouth’: Infographics- It’s New Gold Rush

Mr. Mark Smiciklas the author of the famous book known as: “The Power of Infographics” cited existing fierce competition for audience as source of organisation to employ graphic designers to make infographics.

Therefore, for online published content to; stand out, get noticed, and attain engagement, organizations are being forced to create infographics which are by nature unique and attract online users’ attention.

The history of Infographics can be traced back to 200 years ago, when the term “infographic” was used to refer to “Information Graphic” presented in the form of data or information, charts, graphs, data visualizations, maps, diagrams and tables.

The revolution brought by Internet age, resulted into creation of this popular term “Infographics”. The new era of infographics entails a complete story which is designed under single image with combination of text, images illustrations and data visualizations, and which can be published as a standalone image. Infographics provides virtue engaging story which can be shared through different digital platforms.

In this digital era brought by Internet revolution, attention is like finding a tanzanite bar like Mr. Saninu Laizer and time has become like a premium fuel for sports racing cars. Therefore,  for your online contents to attain online users’ attention and their time which in returns influence online users to voluntary accept to share your content through their ‘word of mouth’ which is popularly known as ‘Sharebility Dynamic’.

Thus, under digital era for your digital content to spread like words of mouth advertising; the first rule, your contents (video, text, poster, and picture) should have ability to attract online users’ attention and secondly and a very more important rule; your contents should have sharebility characteristic.

Therefore, for online users to share your infographic it must be valuable to them. How to create infographics that attract attention? Contents which be spread through words of mouth in this digital era. Are you looking for this kind of Skills?

If your answer to the above question is ‘YES’, Lai Marketing Agency invites you to Graphic Design and Digital Marketing Training which is designing in such a way that will impart all needed digital skills included aforementioned skills which are highly needed in the Labour Market currently.

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