The 21st Century’s Opportunities are guaranteed by Learning Digital Skills

Dodoma Digital Training

It was on Monday morning at Lai Marketing Agency, our landline phone rang and picked in loudspeaker by our receptionist, and below is part of the conversations;

“____Receptionist:  Hello! You’re calling at Lai Marketing Agency, my name is Anitha Mwasaga, and it’s my pleasure to help you! Welcome!

Caller:  Thank you Anitha! It’s Alpha right here, I attended a graphic designing and digital marketing and completed last week.

Receptionist: Warmly Welcome Alfa! It was wonderful to have you here! Hope the training will impact your endeavours.

Alpha:  Yes, for sure! I must recommend you guys to every one particular un(under)employed youth. And, I have good news to share with you guys. Please my share my message to all Instructors at LAI Agency that; my organisation has officially approved my new role as ‘Institution Graphic Designers”

As Instructor, my heart was thrilled the same as the first day I felt the earthquake in Tanzania, to hear Mr. Alpha’s news, a trainee who spent two weeks away from his employer after his leave without payment was approved. You can watch his interview during training here. Attaining Graphic Designing and Digital Marketing skills is highly associated with the ability to pursue careers that are being created by the 4th industrial revolution which in our context in Tanzania, have been well articulated by our very own marketing guru Mr.Gillsant Mlaseko here.

Are you employed but your income is insufficient? Does your organisation outsource some tasks which demand digital-skills? And at some point, your boss is complaining about the cost of running organisation/company? Perhaps you’re graduate and you’re going to give up with town trips with your A4 brown envelope? Don’t worry! We’ve good news for you! the same as what, we received from Mr. Alpha Maisel. It’s space to unlock to you opportunities brought by digital transformation.

The training is designed in such a way that highly bridge youth and young entrepreneurs’ digital skills gap. Our training is designed in such a way that it; impart intermediate digital skills in making posters, banners logo, corporate photos and many others using Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.

Whilst, on side of Digital Marketing, instructors practically research on customers’ needs, customize them into goods/service, and then develop strategies with assurance in return of investment and to be executed to the digital channels where customers’ purchasing is assured.

After completion of the training, we guarantee you that ability to make a digital calendar that sells and digital words of mouth which are a comparative advantage for surviving in today’s business environment which is witnessing the great digital transformation. Register to attend the training here, looking forward to meeting you in our incoming intake of game-changers.

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