The Essential Elements for Selling Advertisement

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Advertisement is an investment that can either be a long-run investment or a short-run investment. Whatever the case, an advertisement’s goal is to ensure return on the invested amount of cash on the advertisement itself or business which is being advertised is returned through revenues from sales.

Before jumping into today’s subject matter, I want you, to clearly understand the meaning of the two most used words, but still the most confusing three words too many of us; branding, marketing, and advertising.

Branding is what your company believes in and what others say about your company or business it contains; business name, logo, tagline, fonts, and color scheme. Marketing encompasses strategies to build awareness of your company’s services/products mainly to protect your brand.

Advertising is mainly part of marketing but mostly is focused on acquiring customers and driving sales. Thus, any efforts which target to acquire customers should also have attributes that drive sales of your products or services, upon successful mastering this you will be having what we call; Selling Advertising.  

Therefore, for your advertisement to be regarded as a selling advertisement despite its format, it should contain the following essential elements/parts;

In advertising to sell, the first and foremost thing is your primary goal. As we’ve discussed above, the purpose of any advertising is to make sales, therefore, your advertisement should make sure, and it doesn’t lose a focus of your goal to sell.

In a past blog post, I stressed the importance of advertising your product or services using its benefits not its features, the rule of the same if you want your advertisement to drive sales and traffic of prospective customers to your business, you really need to make sure that you forget about taking about strengths of your product or service.

 Instead, focus on selling through your advertisement through showing your prospect how your service or product would help them by making them see what you can do for them like; how your product/service will make them comfortable happier this trick works more in advertising big-ticket products like how Rolls Royce is doing better in this angle.

The next thing your advertisement should not miss is arousing interest, as soon as possible after introducing benefits you should straight arouse your prospect interest, this is simply done by rising prospects’ curiosity using colorful phrases like human interests.

The last thing for today, you should be accurate, this will help you to be honest to your customers and this can be done through creating vivid images and by doing so you should be using comparisons instead of what do everything you can to sharpen the picture of benefits of product/service you’re advertising.

Studying how to make selling advertising is not a single semester subject, it needs time and sacrifice. You’re very lack that you can forge this long-run learning by watching and studying our proved selling advertising from our clients and our social media pages. We normally have few conventional and online classes for this kind of masterclasses you can book here your chance.

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