The Power of Storytelling in Advertising and Copywriting

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Storytelling has become a cornerstone of much successful marketing, sells, and advertising which either successfully to has returned the investment on capital and/or at the same created successful brand identity which became successful and known in the world.

Marketing departments employ storytelling in different ways mostly when communicating to their audiences through emails, sales letters, blog posts, advertisements, and other types of communications.

Under this blog post, I will be exposing you to some types of storytelling and their purposes. Moreover, you will learn how powerful stories are how to use them to create your selling funnel through the following types of storytelling and their structure;

Loss and  Redemption: “I was very successful.   I was on top of my career. Life was great. Then something happened and I was fired from my job.  I  had to figure my way out of living by starting making and selling herbal for weight loss.  But it turned out to be a blessing in disguise because I went through, and I learned/received many blessings. Now, I great manufacture and many people in the world depend on my innovation to survive and to make their dreams true.”

Before and after:   “First    I     was ______________. Now     I’m ___________.” These are stories of transformation, and they work great in any market.      For example, in the weight-loss market,      you might say, “First I was fat. Then I   tried Program   X.  Now I’m skinny.”

Third-Person Testimonial:   Sharing other people’s successes with your products and programs provides powerful social proof.   Get as many third-person testimonials from your customers, clients, and students as you can.    Then sprinkle them liberally throughout your stories. At Lai Marketing, this technique of storytelling is mostly applicable and you can see it here.

Secret Telling:     “I’ve     got a     secret   …  if    you want     to   find out what     it    is,   you need     to   do ___________.”      This is my favorite type of storyline.    Our blog posts are built around  “secret”      storylines.   Do you know you can masters all these techniques of storytelling by attending Digital Marketing and Graphic Training? Register now here.

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