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Youth Attending Practical Digital Training in Dodoma

With 26 million internet users out of 57 million population, Tanzania is witnessing great shift in every aspect of the life like elsewhere in the world. Small-businesses, farmers, companies, government institutions are setting up their websites and social Medias pages to insure that they are part of the digital transformation.

On other side, other companies are already ahead of the game, they have captured an opportunities brought by so called “Fourth Industry Revolution” which whatever mentioned, Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) come as reference to many of us. The opportunities under ML and AI seem to be complex and an opportunity to those with better background on computer sciences who have mastered advanced digital skills.

However, the disruption brought by technology advancement, has also brought many opportunities which require just possession of intermediate digital skills to enjoy the disruption, for the time being making some cash either for being employed or self-employed. Unfortunately, majority of the workforce, youth in particular who forms 65 percent of the workforce in Tanzania don’t possess skills needed in this digital era.

In the same line of understanding, the 4th edition of Dodoma Digital Marketing Training target to impart intermediate digital skills which are essential for youth who wants to employ themselves and those who wants to match their skills to the demands of the labour market in this digital era.

In today’s business environment, customers’ buying behaviour is mostly influenced by the referrals, other customers’ reviews on; Instagram, Facebook, google, twitter, snapchat, Tiktok and other Social Networks. Hence, to interact fruitfully with masses in Social Medias, digital marketing is essential skill which every entrepreneur must have to stand a chance to manage online presence and reputation.

The ongoing rise of digital technology has provided empowerment to all kinds of enterprises, the scenario has resulted into availability of information in our fingerprint for instance; for every minute 46,740 photos are uploaded by Instagram users. Therefore, to stand a chance for your post (product/service) to impress users, your post particularly photos, posters, videos must be produced by a graphic designer.

The good news is that; graphic design skills can be learnt within one week by anyone even without any background knowledge on advanced computer application. The training which is practical oriented mostly recommends the following softwares for graphic designing; Photoshop, Adobe, Illustrator and Adobe in Design.