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Experiential Marketing

We bring Brand to life

We are Tanzania’s customer engagement experts. We help our clients to engage with their targeted customers with innovative customers engagement solutions. We believe that experiential marketing is the most effective marketing strategy for brands to connect with customers directly.

We work for clients/partners across the following industry categories Bank, Soft Drinks, Alcohol; Telecommunication, Real estate, Insurance; Tobacco; Financial services, Football, Marathon, Bar, NGO, Development partners.

Experiential Marketing Services

Educate, engage, entertain and inspire.

Behaviour Change Engagement

To change behaviors we need to engage; to understand people, their motivations, their perceptions, so we can design behavioral interventions that work.

Live Coverage

Create deeper connections with consumers and fans through our live brand experiences. Our experts turn any concept into meaningful live brand experiences.

Sales Focused Engagement

We are sales-driven experts for both products and services.