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Digital workshop training at CBE-Dodoma Campus

Dodoma digital workshop is a workshop designed to advocate digital skills transformation and its impacts to the businesses and economy at large. The workshop aims at explaining on how to integrate digital platforms in solving various society`s problems.

On 19th January 2019 we conducted a workshop at College of Business Education (CBE) Dodoma campus focused on explaining the relevance of digital skills in today’s labor market.

The workshop session emphasized on the discussion on three particular subjects/topics, namely:

  • Online opportunities
  • Content creation and management
  • Branding and Social media marketing

The workshop was successful far than expected. Our team was well received and showed enough cooperation from the students organization`s office (COBESO). The venue was well prepared and equipped with all the necessary equipment for the workshop including internet service, projector, lightening, sound, whiteboard, computers etc.

It was great that the number of attendants was high but we lack enough female participation. The students were very interested during the workshop because the subject matter was unfamiliar and urged to host even more workshops.


Name : Lameck Isaya , Lai Marketing Agency

Name : Abdallah Mbwana, Lai Marketing Agency

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