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Lai Agency hosted Digital Workshop at Nala Centurion Hotel – Dodoma

This was our first in our series of Dodoma digital workshops, it was held at Nala Centurion hotel in Dodoma town on the 15th of September 2018. The workshop aimed at equipping important digital skills to the business communities and the society including SMEs, CBOs, Startup businesses, entrepreneurs, individual business men/women and students.

The workshop expected to host 50 participants but surprisingly we had attendance of more than 60 participants.

The workshop comprised of two sessions discussing two subject matters namely Branding and Introduction to social media marketing presented by Mr. Sabinus from Kiota Hub Iringa and Mr. Lameck Isaya from Lai marketing Agency Dodoma.

Branding session covers the major skills including:

  • What is a brand
  • Difference between Brand and Branding
  • Elements/Contents of a brand
  • How to form a brand
  • Importance of a brand to the business
  • Types of brand
  • Success stories.

Social media marketing session covered the following subjects:

  • What is social media
  • Which are the social media channels/platforms
  • What is social media marketing
  • Social media marketing (Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook marketing)
  • Social Media Optimization (SMO)

After the workshop we realized a number of challenges, such as:

  • Few women participants
  • Small venue in relation to the audience
  • Need to add more speakers for each particular topic
  • Need of training materials (stationary).
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