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Why Marketing, Sales and Graphic Designing are Inseparable Skills?

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One day, I was at mini-supermarket which is located near our apartment, shopping for my weekly groceries, at the moment I was a cashier’s counter to make the payment, I saw something strange to my eyes, a product very attractive and automatic my mind developed a mentor image that the product was a new brand of a shower jelly.

I asked cashier where that ‘Shower Jelly’ was being manufactured. In a weak smile; a cashier replied: its natural heavy and nice juice which has been produced and packed by local entrepreneur, it’s very nice! Buy local Products to support Tanzanians! I replied; Ooh! Am sorry my vision is not real good.

The above scenario took me back to the story of truth behind colours, to date there are number experiments which has been conducted in different parts of the world and have concluded that; many graphic designers are not aware of what colours consumers prefer. Whilst, Consumers are affected strongly by colours on the packaging.

In the same line of learning and practising, I come across the story which stacked in my head and gave me a lesson to takeaway. The story of the one of the biggest brands in Africa: ‘MO’. As narrated by Miss. Fatema Dewji , the Director of Marketing at MeTL Group that; ten years ago they had no; marketing research, storytelling ads, brand message, analysis of the marketing campaigns, they were not aware to colours, fonts or image choices.

Miss. Fatema Dewji on her articulation of the situation which on her side regarded it as a period when their business failed due to mistake they were making; that their customers couldn’t get connected to their brand hence even their products. To overcome this kind of problem in business, Miss. Fatema Dewji proposed exactly what influence customers to buy your service or product;

“People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it”

Miss. Fatema Dewji, 2020

The above two scenario, gave us strength to propose the Graphic Designing and Digital Marketing Training which will equip young entrepreneurs with answers to mistakes which many well invested business end up being rejected by the prospect customers in the market. The answer to young entrepreneurs like the one who I found their juice in a min-supermarket but its packaging was looking like other ‘Shower Jelly’ Brands

The way training is designed will be a solution to what many digital marketers like Gilsant Maleko, who recently proposed youth to merger their businesses based on pairs of skills particular Digital Marketers and Graphic Designers so that to have synergy and to be competitive in this digital which has transformed has transformed ways of living and business.

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