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Innovation week is a platform established purposely to provide innovators with an opportunity to demonstrate their innovations in the hopes being acknowledged and ultimately be able to either obtain funding from investors or advance their innovations through capacity building. This year’s exhibitions took place in six different regions which were; Arusha, Mbeya, Iringa, Dar es Salaam, Zanzibar and Dodoma. In Dodoma the exhibition commenced on the 16th and was intended to conclude on the 20th March, unfortunately due to the international emergency of corona virus outbreak the event was forced to end on 17th meaning it lasted only for two days instead of the planned seven days.

Lai Marketing Agency

Lai Marketing Agency as one among the several participants of the innovation week managed to execute the following activities as intended.

1.  Provided awareness on the company’s services & activities

Throughout the days of exhibition apart from other activities and goings-on other members of the company remained at the booth to provide information, education and awareness to visitors and innovators on company’s operations and activities such as digital marketing, marketing strategy, training etc.

Jumanne Mtambalike from Sahara Sparks visiting Lai Marketing Booth during Dodoma Innovation Week

2. Offered free training

As part of Lai Marketing Agency services digital training was offered to visitors and innovators who expressed interest and wanted to expand their knowledge on digital marketing and online business in general. In most cases trainings was conducted using participatory approach in which participants and members of the company shared ideas and experience regarding  innovation and role of digital marketing in this digital era.

3. Coverage of the exhibition on social media Activities and sessions were covered thoroughly on social media through the network of influencers under the company, this ensured that  online community was aware of the on-goings which lead to the increase of online engagement. As more people joined it made the discussion interesting. The main platform used was twitter as it is a platform in which there are people with the power to influence policy changes and act on the challenges. The hashtags used were #MAKISATU2020, #UbunifuKwaTija, #innovation4impact and #TunaboreshaElimuYetu while tagging ministry of education @wizaraelimu_Tz and @HDIF who were the co-organizers.

4. Panel discussion {online}

Following the ban of public gathering which also affected innovation week’s sessions and exhibitions. Lai Agency opted to carry out the rest of its intended activities using online platforms specifically twitter. The agency already had a panel discussion prepared on the 19th with a topic which said “Digital Marketing Skills for E-commerce Entrepreneurship”.

The discussion started at 9:00am – 10:00am with panelists being provided right information and was able to join the discussion via their twitter accounts. Among the panelist were successful business men and woman who shared their knowledge, experience, thoughts and answered some questions from participants on how online business has transformed the way they go about their daily operations and contributed in their success. It was both mind opening and interesting discussion.

Lai Marketing Agency is grateful and appreciates all forms of contributions in making the exhibition possible despite the sudden halt; we hope to get together again when provided with the opportunity in the near future. As team real thank all of you for your continued support.

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