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Tips to grow your Business using Social Medias during End of the year Festivals

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Every year ends with Christmas and begins with New Year Holidays. These two great events make long holidays widely known as “End of the Year Festivals” Christmas is a spiritual festival whereby people joins their families to eat and drink home-made foods and drinks for stance people from Kilimanjaro normally prefer “Mbege & Ndafu”  and Ubisi and Matoke for people from Bukoba during this precious end of their year festivals.

Whilst, many close their businesses and employees take their end of the year holiday’s leaves to celebrate Christmas and New Year, digital space is the place on holidays people would be spending their precious time particular on social medias and blogs such as; Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, YouTube  and etc. to make their purchasing and identifying new digital stores. Thus, during this period social media give the greatest means to reach your prospects.

The above scenario, provides business opportunity to eyes of any entrepreneur with skills to spot business signal from markets, an opportunity to outshine your competitor, gets your cash from holiday spenders whom they buying behaviors increase than any other period in the year. Now, let’s after clearly discussing a business opportunity for you as entrepreneur, now let’s discuss on how you can effectively use social Medias or your website to sell and grow your business during end of the year festivals which are ahead of us;

  • Update your bio’s information

 During these festivals, many business has either closed or having different opening and closing hours. But demand on different goods and services are not on leave. Therefore, to attract many customers during these festivals your need to update and create burners which would clearly explain that you’re still open and in case you’ve changed operating hours you’ve to update and list services you’re offering or products on your inventory.

  • Christmas Competition

To generate engagements and brand loyalties, which in turns can converted to future sells and royal customers, its worth to give away during these festivals to your customers using competition. You can ask your followers to post your poster which contains detailed information about your discount during these festivals and the poster which will have many engagements (comments and likes) to be offered one your service or product for free.

  • By Giving back to the community

Christmas is about giving and receiving gifts. But since you’re doing business its kind and humanity action for your business to give away as part of its giving back to community programme or social responsibility (CSR). Using your social media pages, you may ask your followers whom are likely to be your customers to join your plan to give back to your community in need which can be orphanage centre, widows and elders.

  • Add festive cheer to your pages

This will help get followers in the Christmas spirit. Effective social media usage can be as simple as making sure your accounts look like the part. Take time to update your cover photos and profile images to reflect the festive period.

An image that is created for your brand would be more effective than a general stock image. For example, if you are a make-up artist your cover image could be made up of Christmas looks as a demonstration of your work.

The last thing, don’t forget to create all poster discussed above using a techniques we have been discussing on series from last week on how to create contents which sells and using benefits to advertise instead of features. You can contact us here, for more information and to get helped on implementation of the discussed market strategy for growing business using social Medias during end of the year festivals.

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