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Content is a broad term that refers to anything created and uploaded to a web site: the words, images, tools, or other things that reside there. All of the pages of your website, then, are content: the homepage, the About Us page, the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page, the product information pages, and so on.

All of the things you create as part of those pages or as part of your marketing—your videos, blogs, photographs, webinars, white papers, eBooks, podcasts, and so on—are content, too. And finally, all of the things you publish at outposts that are off of your own site—your Facebook page, your Twitter stream, your LinkedIn group page, all are the forms of content

Customers read blogs, they google their purchases, and they query followers on Twitter or friends on Facebook and Instagram. They are always educating themselves by researching purchases online before they make judgment on buying their needs

Good Contents always have the following characteristics which make them stand out in the crowd of the millions of the contents which are being generated every day worldwide;

Relevant. Your content should have relevance drawn from real-world into which your prospect and customers’ lives. There’re many ads that didn’t perform well in the market because the characters who were hired to demonstrate a product but they were not belonging to the community of the targeted market. Thus, before creating any content, make sure your characters real reflect the culture of your targeted audience by their language, color, voice tone, wearing styles and even colors they prefer are very important when designing the product? Services

Contents should be Passionate: Social Media pages with the higher engagement normally have the same characteristics, they mostly care for their audience through many ways like replying to every comment with empathy, recognize social events like holidays and natural disasters, and either wish their audience in both difficult times and happy moments. By doing so, followers would normally feel being cared for by the company hence they increase their sense of belonging to a company producing a service or product.

Originality. This is a vital element of any content because originality is creating attention. Attention is the most valuable role of any content. We’re living in a world where people have information on their tips hands. Thus, to capture attention your content should have originality otherwise your prospects’ attention won’t be captured by content that already its idea exists in your prospect minds.

Human. Contents should have some sense of humanity, in all circumstances you normally creating content to persuade a human to act on something. Therefore, to archive this main goal of any content you should make sure your online contents contain some sense with automatically connects with a person to whom you’re targeting. The secrete here is simple, be specific enough for your targeted audience to believe in your content and universal for your content to be relevant.

This blog section of this website has a variety of discussions around this topic through which you can reach your understanding of how to create good content and content which sells. Take your time to equip yourself with these valuable skills and knowledge by reading throughout all blog post with a word content on its headline.

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