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No Prospects’ Pain, No Sales

If you’re having a business of buying and selling products or services, and you don’t understand clearly, pains your customers or prospects are experiencing.  Stop selling upskill your sales skills’ toolbox with this blog post and many other blog posts available in this blog.

Before we continue with our today’s blog post, lets me ask you one thing; Do you have a sales skills toolbox? If you don’t understand what it actually contains, give yourself a break first and read what exactly are necessary skills to sell anything in this digital world here.

I hope the title; “No Pain, No Sales” somehow surprised your eyes, yes no problems your product/service is solving, you can’t make massive sales. The problem your prospect face is what drives more sales, sales which in the end increase revenue and boost your profits.

The first thing you must learn is how to identify the pain your prospect/customers undergo, then clearly describe how your product solves that particular problem. Between your prospect and their desires is where a gap (pain) exists.  In other words, describing how that pain is being solved with your product solves is known as solution prescription.

Do you think other sellers don’t really understand business tricks? They quite know and apply the technique and even you, as you’re reading this blog post you may find that you’re quite familiar with it. Unfortunately, what is the problem, many sellers apply this technique in the wrong way.  Let’s me take you back to the blog post in which we discussed why your advertisements should communicate to your prospects about the benefits not features of a product/service.

Yes, the above link has a very crucial advertising and selling secrete, the secret to successful to make massive sells and create super profits. Remember, always to research and understand your prospects pain, their pain is where super profit hides.

 Go and mine the profit by precious create solution which also you need to master how to communicate it, I hope if it’s not your first time here, you real understand the power of story-selling in advertising and copywriting? Yes, it’s already covered in this forum.

Imagine your skills toolbox contains skills on; creating advertising’s contents using prospects/customers’ pain, how to tell a story about the solution your products solves, and telling selling-stories using products’ benefits instead of features.  

Yes, you deserve this package in one package, since you’re our esteemed customer, we have got a special offer for you! Lai Marketing Agency conducts training which covers all the said skills in detail. You can register here.

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